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Compass for Girls — FAQ

Is Compass for Girls replacing Chick Chat by HGNA for 4th– and 5th-grade girls?

YES.  Chick Chat by HGNA for 4th and 5th grade girls has been updated and renamed Compass for Girls.  It was created by Navigate Adolescence, which was formerly called HGNA.  Trek for Girls replaced Chick Chat for 6th-grade girls, and Trek is offered in autumn.

What is Navigate Adolescence?

Navigate Adolescence, Inc., (formerly Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence, Inc.), is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing kids and their parents the tools needed to navigate adolescence with confidence, resilience, and kindness. HGNA changed its name to reflect that they are now offering programs for boys and for girls.

Will boys and girls be in groups and activities together at Compass?

Compass for Girls and Compass for Boys are both being offered on January 26, 2019 (with a rescheduling date of Feb. 2, 2019, in case of extreme weather conditions) at Geneva Middle School South.  However, they are SEPARATE PROGRAMS with different curricula designed specifically for girls and for boys.  Females will facilitate the Compass for Girls program.  Males will facilitate the Compass for Boys program.  High school volunteers assisting with any groups for girls will be high school girls.  High school volunteers assisting with any groups for boys will be high school boys.

When is the registration deadline for Compass?

Registration for Compass will close at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

Please note, however, that early registration is encouraged as it allows us greater lead-time in hiring facilitators and recruiting volunteers, and gives us greater leverage in negotiating discounts for food and supplies — adding to the overall success of the event, while keeping costs to a minimum. 

What does the Compass registration fee include? 

Your $35* Compass registration fee includes: four 75-minute break-out sessions led by professional facilitators discussing topics surrounding social and emotional subjects such as friendships, self-discovery, and self-care.  Additionally, each girl will receive a healthy and delicious snack and lunch, a t-shirt, and a take-home journal!

*Please note:  Fee reductions are available based on need.

My Daughter has already attended 4th-Grade Chick Chat by HGNA, will she benefit from attending Compass as a 5th-grader? 

Yes!  The Compass for Girls curriculum, like Chick Chat’s curriculum, is grade-specific.  Girls may attend in one or, preferably, both grades.

 What is the refund policy?

A full refund will be provided for cancellations made by Wednesday, January 16, 2019.  

What time does check-in begin for Compass and the Parent Presentation?

Check-in for Compass is between 8:30 and 9:00am.  The Parent Presentation starts at 9:15am.  Both are at Geneva Middle School SOUTH.

Can I register my daughter for Compass the day of the event?

Once registration closes, a significant amount of work goes into balancing class sizes with facilitators, printing schedules that are unique to each girl, as well as purchasing and organizing materials by facilitated session.  Due to the complexity and energy that goes into these tasks, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate on-site registration.

Can I register for the Parent Presentation the day of the event?

YES.  Walk-in registrations for the Parent Presentation are welcome and encouraged for anyone who finds availability in their schedule at the last minute.

Can my daughter arrive late to and/or leave early from Compass for Girls?

For your daughter to fully benefit from the many aspects of the workshop and to avoid disruptions to your daughter’s group, we strongly recommend that your daughter attend the entire event.

Can my daughter be in the same group as her friend(s)?

We recognize and appreciate the fact that most girls feel uncomfortable attending an event where they will not be paired up with a friend.  While there is a chance that your daughter may be in the same group with a friend, our goal is to give the girls the opportunity to practice building rapport with girls she is meeting for the first time.  And rest assured that from the moment the girls arrive in their first session, our high school volunteers and trained, professional facilitators will be working their magic to help your daughter feel at ease.

Additionally, to foster friendships and enhance the overall experience, your daughter will remain with the same group throughout the day: learning, sharing thoughtful reflection, and addressing common age-related social and emotional challenges – that will help to build the bond of friendship.

That said, all girls will be together during the Ice Breaker/Opening Ceremony, at lunch, and during the closing, so your daughter will have opportunities to reconnect with friends during the day.

Please note that if your daughter is feeling great resistance upon arriving, we encourage you to discretely tell a Compass staff member so that we can have a facilitator meet briefly with your daughter to allay any fears she may have.

What should my daughter bring to the event?

To avoid lost or left-behind belongings, we ask that your daughter LEAVE ALL personal items including a PURSE and CELL PHONE at HOME.  Please note that the organizers will have cell phones available in the case of an emergency.

Water will be provided; however, if your daughter prefers, she is welcome to bring a water bottle to the event with her name clearly marked on the bottle.

What if my daughter has special dietary needs? 

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate special dietary needs beyond vegetarian options.  We will be trying to offer a gluten-free option.  If your daughter requires a special meal, she may bring a meal from home and drop it off upon arrival in the Facilitator’s Lounge next to the check-in area.  Please be advised that a peanut-free snack will be served during the event.

Any questions can be addressed by emailing us at and we will do our best to be of assistance.

What are the qualifications of the facilitators that will be working with my daughter?

We carefully hand pick each facilitator based on their professional qualifications and their affinity to our mission of raising emotionally healthier adolescent girls.

We prioritize our recruitment of licensed and/or certified professionals, including social workers, counselors, psychologists, and therapists from local school districts — with the objective of familiarizing our girls with these important and safe go-to people that they can readily speak to during the school year.

How many girls will be in my daughter’s class?

In order to give the girls the best experience possible, we limit each 75-minute facilitated session to a maximum of 12 girls, except for the “East” section with yoga, which may be up to 24 or more girls.  We have found that the smaller groups allow the facilitators to address issues in great detail, and gives each girl time to share her thoughts and feelings.

I have a high school-age daughter who would like to volunteer … how can she get involved?

Supporting our vision of raising emotionally healthier girls, more empowered girls, with each event we strive to provide leadership opportunities for girls, such as managing icebreakers, assisting with small group discussions and activities, and role modeling.  Specifically, we look for energetic high school girls who model positive, respectful behavior.  If your daughter is interested in volunteering, please have her email Julie Pouilly, President of the Geneva Coalition for Youth, at with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Name of high school
  • Cell phone number and email address

Who runs Compass?

Compass for Girls is brought to you by TriCity Family Services and the Geneva Coalition for Youth with the support of Geneva CUSD 304.  The Compass program was created by Navigate Adolescence, a not-for-profit organization in Downers Grove.  This event is made possible through the tireless efforts of local parents, high school and middle school students, and former Chick Chat participants who volunteer their time for the greater good of our daughters and our communities.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Clark, TriCity Family Services Director of Emotional Wellness Programs, at or at 630-232-1070, ext. 336.

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