2020 William D. Barth Award

The William D. Barth Award was established in 1985 and recognizes one individual each year who has made a significant and positive impact, through community service, on the Central Kane County area.

Sponsored by TriCity Family Services, the William D. Barth Award honors the memory of William D. Barth, a founder of TriCity Family Services and a dedicated community leader.

The award is given to someone whose belief in the community and concern for those living here is shown by an ongoing involvement in community life. The recipient will have worked for the community by participating in activities affecting the quality of life in the Tri-Cities. These include civic, service, charitable, educational, cultural, youth and recreational organizations, as well as church and government.

Nominations for the 2020 William D. Barth Award must be received by Monday, October 5. A nomination form is available but not required if equivalent information is submitted. All nominations must be submitted in writing.

To access an electronic nomination form, please CLICK HERE.

To access a printable nomination form, please CLICK HERE.

Past recipients of the William D. Barth Award include:

  • 2019: Loy Williams
  • 2018: Melinda Kintz
  • 2017: Judy and Dudley Burgess
  • 2016: The Honorable Clint Hull
  • 2015: Carolyn Fabian
  • 2014: Joanne Spitz
  • 2013: Fred Norris
  • 2012: Carolyn Sprawka
  • 2011: Sarah Kimber
  • 2010: James Kintz
  • 2009: Mary Lu O’Halloran
  • 2008: Pam Mann
  • 2007: Doris Hunt
  • 2006: Cris Anderson
  • 2005: Steve Lillie
  • 2004: Peg Halladay
  • 2003: Vernon Oie
  • 2002: Melinda Hinners
  • 2001: Darlene Marcusson
  • 2000: Betsy Penny
  • 1999: Marjorie Hissong
  • 1998: Robert Hawse
  • 1997: Carol Rosene
  • 1996: Ralph & Lucile Little
  • 1995: Vernon Guynn
  • 1994: Howard Wallin
  • 1993: James Abbot
  • 1992: Joanne Hansen
  • 1991: Max Hunt
  • 1990: Russell Forkins
  • 1989: Nellie Wood
  • 1988: Nancy Temple
  • 1987: Glen Haines
  • 1986: Jim McCausland
  • 1985: Frank Burgess

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