Emma Baxter, LSW

Emma Baxter, LSW

Emma Baxter is a 2021 graduate of Aurora University, where she received her Masters in Social Work. After completing a year-long internship with TriCity Family Services in 2020, she was hired as a full-time therapist in 2021. As of April 2024, Baxter has a dual role in the agency as the Family-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders (FBT) Intake Coordinator and therapist.

As the FBT Intake Coordinator, Baxter fields calls from families looking for eating disorder treatment. She provides them with resources and educational information on FBT. Baxter connects incoming clients with FBT therapists. In addition, Baxter is trained in FBT and has been providing services as an FBT therapist since April 2021.

Outside of FBT, Baxter enjoys helping clients with self-regulation, helping families communicate, and managing self-esteem issues. Baxter works with all people but truly appreciates her time with children and adolescents. She enjoys creating a safe environment to allow open communication and self-expression.

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