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Compass for Boys — About the Day


  • Lively icebreakers that are sure to get the boys moving, talking, and laughing
  • Four 75-minute breakout sessions (see details below)
  • A snack and lunch
  • Take-home items created to remember and reinforce the Compass experience


8:30 – 9:00 Check-in & Activity Main Entrance & West Gym
9:00 – 9:10 Opening & Transition Library
9:15 – 10:30 Breakout Session: TRUE NORTH Compass Room 4
10:35 – 11:55  Breakout Session: GO WEST! Compass Room 5
Noon – 12:25  Lunch Served Cafeteria
12:30 – 1:45 Breakout Session: WHEN THINGS GO SOUTH Compass Room 6
1:50 – 3:15 Breakout Session: A PIECE of EAST, plus written survey evaluating Compass West Gym
3:20 – 3:30 Closing Ceremony West Gym

All boys will participate in each of these scheduled events, though the timing and order may be adjusted to maximize the lessons being offered.  Each boy will be assigned to a group of no more than 12 boys with whom he will travel through her schedule for the day.  All boys will participate in opening and closing ceremonies together, and will eat lunch at the same time.


Each boy will participate in each of these scheduled events for the same amount of time listed above, but not necessarily in the order of the time slots listed.  Each boy will be assigned to a group of 6 to 12 boys with whom he will travel through his schedule for the day.  All the boys will come together for the opening and closing ceremonies, and lunch.  The East portion will combine some groups.

Compass for Boys

To help the boys develop their inner compass and apply what they learn at the workshop to their everyday lives, the Compass Curriculum is divided into four segments, corresponding with the directions on a Compass.

 Objectives for 4th Grade:

 Check back soon for objectives by Compass Section:

  • Explore what makes us who we are (self-awareness)
  • Develop the ability to recognize, name and manage emotions
  • Explore attributes of a good friend and healthy relationships
  • Learn how our culture’s myths about being male contribute to peer aggression
  • Understand teasing
  • Learn how to respond mindfully instead of reacting emotionally
  • Learn a technique to manage emotions

Objectives for 5th Grade:

Check back soon for objectives by Compass Section:

  • Learn how to handle stress, disappointments, embarrassments and obstacles
  • Explore the concept of healthy personal power and kindness
  • Define empathy and why it’s important
  • Learn to apply the understanding of empathy to everyday situations
  • Learn the difference between fitting in and belonging
  • Learn to recognize and appreciate differences and perspectives of others
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