EAP Affiliate Opportunities

As a provider of EAP services, we know how important your clients are to you – whether in your own backyard, across the country, or around the world.  We respect the contractual partnerships that you have established and strive to collaborate with you in providing the highest level of assistance to your client organizations and the employees within them.

Our Affiliate Services include:

Clinical Services

Our highly qualified staff of Masters and Doctoral level, licensed clinicians take an active, solution-focused, strengths-based approach.  Clients are supported and guided toward effective problem resolution within the parameters of your EAP program design.  When more specialized, more intensive, or longer-term assistance is needed beyond the EAP, our counselors link clients with support systems and treatment resources within the framework of their respective benefit plans.  Because we are a community mental health provider, our clinicians have inherent knowledge of local resources – always striving to provide the best referral when assistance is needed beyond the EAP.  All of our EAP clinicians are also credentialed and paneled by most insurance providers.  This allows for seamless transitioning into insurance coverage, should the client’s EAP benefit allow continuation with the counselor beyond the EAP sessions and if it is in the client’s best interest to do so.  In addition to English, we have counselors who are fluent in Spanish and Polish available for in-person appointments.

Onsite Services

Our workplace onsite services are delivered by experienced EAP professionals who know and understand the needs of local workplaces.  Our professionals include staff that is CEAP (Certified Employee Assistance Professional) certified, a credential that recognizes EAP professionals who have demonstrated specialized knowledge of EAP core technologies and competencies in established EAP standards of practice.  Whether it be employee outreach through a workplace wellness event or orientation, interactive and engaging skill-development through onsite employee education and management/leadership training, conflict resolution through mediation, or workplace trauma support through critical incident response, we are your local partner provider for directly impacting your client organizations.

If you would like more information on how we can provide local clinical and onsite presence to your EAP client organizations, please contact us at 630-232-1070. 

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