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What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Employee Assistance Programs are benefits sponsored by your employer that provide professional guidance and assistance to help identify practical solutions for everyday problems.  The programs provide free, voluntary, and confidential assistance to employees and their family members who are experiencing some type of personal or work-related problem.  Their purpose is to support and motivate employees to proactively deal with personal concerns before those concerns affect job performance.

Why is an Employee Assistance Program being offered to me?

You are your employer’s most important asset, and your employer cares about your personal and professional well-being.  The EAP is a positive approach that helps employees resolve problems before they begin to affect their jobs.

What types of problems does the EAP address?

  • Marital, family, or other relationship issues
  • Job stress/work-related issues
  • Emotional stress, depression, or anxiety
  • Alcohol/drug problems or other addictions
  • Grief/Loss
  • Any other concerns you might find troublesome

What services are offered through the EAP?

  • Assessment and referral for problem resolution
  • Brief, solution-focused counseling
  • Follow-up contact to ensure that change is taking place and clients are satisfied
  • 24/7 availability for emergencies
  • WorkLife telephone and web-based consultation, research, and referral services

How do I access my EAP benefits?

Call 630-232-1070.  Your EAP is available 24/7 in case of an emergency.  When you call, you will speak with an intake counselor who will gather some basic info and schedule you with a licensed, masters-level therapist.  Appointments are available M-F 9am-9pm & on Saturday.  The EAP office is located in Geneva, off of Randall Rd.

What happens when I come in?

Your EAP counselor will evaluate your concerns, assess your needs, and together you will develop a plan of action to address your concerns.  The EAP counselor can provide short-term, solution-focused counseling, if appropriate.  With up to 5 sessions available per episode, many personal concerns can be successfully addressed and resolved within the EAP.  If you need more specialized or longer-term support, your counselor will provide recommendations for additional resources beyond the EAP.  You do have the option of continuing with your EAP counselor for on-going counseling beyond the EAP, if you both determine that it is in your best interest.

How much does all this cost?

The EAP is a FREE benefit to employees and family members.  Any costs incurred for longer-term or specialized services beyond the EAP may be eligible for payment under the behavioral health provisions of your medical benefits plan.  The EAP is available on an unlimited basis.

But who’s going to find out that I’m going to the EAP?

All contact with the EAP is CONFIDENTIAL.  By law, EAP records cannot become part of a personnel file or be provided to the employer.  In some situations, and with a client’s knowledge and signed permission, the EAP counselor can speak with the client’s supervisor or human resources officer.  The EAP does provide a statistical utilization report on an annual basis to the organization, but no identifying employee information is shared.

My Supervisor told me I have to go to the EAP!  Is that still confidential?

Although no one can force you to go to the EAP, there may be times when a supervisor, manager, or human resources officer refers you to the EAP due to work performance or productivity concerns or as part of a Last Chance Agreement due to a violation of a workplace policy, such as Drug-Free Workplace.  In these cases, with your signed permission, the EAP counselor will share with the referral source only whether or not you came to the EAP and whether or not you are following through with EAP recommendations.

What is WorkLife and how do I access it?

WorkLife is a telephone and web-based consultation, research, and referral service that provides support for everything from dependent care to pet care to wellness resources.  It is designed to take the legwork out of finding information and resources, and provide access to thousands of practical articles, calculators, links, interactive planners, and self-assessments.  This comprehensive service provides employees with several access options: telephone, on-line instant messaging, and on-line assisted search.  Consultants are on hand 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide confirmed referrals for child care, adoption, education, elder care, wellness, and everyday life issues.

To access your WorkLife benefit, click the link at the top of this page.  Log in using the company name provided by your employer.

What if I am unsure about my benefits?

Contact your employer or call TriCity Family Services at 630-232-1070.

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