Emotional Wellness Programs

Emotional Wellness Programs provide group education and support … not clinical treatment. They are open to all interested participants without screening, or with phone/in-person screening. There is no mental health assessment conducted, no diagnosis given, and no treatment plan made. Also, Emotional Wellness Programs are not insurance reimbursable.

TriCity Family Services offers emotional wellness workshops and support groups.


TriCity Family Services offers emotional wellness workshops for children and teens that focus on anger management, conflict resolution, positive decision-making, and self-esteem development. These workshops and groups aim to raise community awareness, increase comfort in accessing counseling services, prevent or alleviate budding mental health problems, assist current clients in enhancing particular skills, utilize the benefits of group programming, and offer experiential learning opportunities.

Participants will lead mentally healthier lives by gaining insight, developing social-emotional skills, learning to make and follow through with difficult decisions, changing negative behavior patterns, and improving relationships at home, school, and work.

Current program offerings are:

  • Family Connections
  • Compass for 4th and 5th Graders
  • True North for 6th – 7th Graders
  • Parenting Preschoolers
  • The Best Start for Families Program – Using Curriculum from International Child Development Program
  • Project Self-Compassion — Teen Girl Empowerment Group
  • Smart Choices Kindergarten-5th Grade
  • Smart Choices Middle School-High School
  • Star K-3 Virtual Workshop
  • Trek for Sixth Graders

For more information about these workshops, please CLICK HERE.

Support Groups

For adults, various support groups meet regularly.  Currently, TriCity Family Services offers the following support groups:

  • Single Moms Group
  • Lazarus House Parenting Group
  • Lazarus House Women’s Group

For more information about these support groups, please CLICK HERE.

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