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TriCity Family Services offers family-based counseling for children, teens, adults, and seniors for a variety of issues faced throughout the family life-cycle. Our highly-skilled therapists are committed to providing compassionate and confidential counseling that empowers individuals and promotes family wellness.

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Family-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders

Our practical, evidence-based outpatient approach recognizes parents as the best resource for their child’s recovery, and uses a team model that includes the therapist, the family physician, family members, and other partners to achieve success.

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Emotional Wellness Workshops and Support Groups

TriCity Family Services offers emotional wellness workshops for children and teens that focus on anger management, conflict resolution, positive decision-making, and self-esteem development. For adults and seniors, various support groups meet regularly.

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Employee Assistance Programs

TriCity Family Services partners with employers to help employees achieve peak performance in the workplace and at home. Services include training seminars, wellness workshops, and individual counseling sessions.

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Monetary donations of any amount help TriCity Family Services provide a range of counseling and other mental health services to more than 4,000 clients and their families each year.

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